Test / notice: inverter 12-230V 150W Aukey PA – v.41


I had already tested before an another ups, also of the brand Aukey, the PA – V25 that I invite you to read to compare. As you can imagine, the PA – v.41 car converter I tested this time around is a variant of the PA – V25.  


  • Converts the current of your cigarette lighter plug in current sector
  • 1 AC outlet
  • 2 USB ports on load, max 4.2 has
  • 1 cigarette lighter 12V plug
  • Against the current excessive protection, overheating and overload
  • Total power: 150W
  • Input: DC 12V
  • AC output: 230V ± 10V
  • USB output: 5V 2.1 A * 2
  • Weight: about 280g

aukey-pa-v.41Size converter

The test

  For my part, it is a version that is clearly more advanced than the PA – V25 version:

  1. Design: the base has a smaller circumference and the fan is much higher, which gives it more available air to cool the converter! More on the upper face, another ventilation is available!
  2. Presence of a cover: allows to protect from dust and liquids when not in use. There is no spring, so we can put it in the angle you desire.
  3. The connectivities: Unlike the PA – V25 who had only an input and a USB 2, 1, PA – v.41 has 1 input, 2 USB ports giving total 4.2 A and an additional cigarette lighter plug!
  4. The button ON / OFF: this is a button that they need support to turn it on, which means that if something falls on it, it will not die, unlike the PA – V25 who had him a switch and that was over the top surface.




Between the PA – V25 model and model PA – v.41, I believe that there are no photos: PA – v.41 need more a visit! What plug 2 smartphones or tablets, a switch with outlet and add another device with the cigarette lighter plug! So instead of connect 2 devices, you can connect minimum 4 devices! In addition, its design is much better thought: presence of a lid to avoid dust and splashes + better ventilation!   In short, with this converter, you will be largely quiet to plug your devices into your car!   Link: https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B01LF1XU2C/ test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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