Test / Review: headphones Taurus Wireless Sport Headset BH1001


Package contents and description:

< Listeners Taurus INatack


In the box is:

  • a USB charging cable / MicroUSB
  • the pair of headphones Bluetooth 4.1
  • two pairs of bits of different sizes (S / M, M – L)
  • a small carrying pouch (practice to take him everywhere and keep it clean)
  • operating instructions (in clear English)

In order to connect your headphones Wireless to your Smartphone, Ipod and other sources of Bluetooth, press the button on the side indicating ‘Inateck ‘. You must leave your finger on the button until a blue light flashes above it.

In your settings, enable the Bluetooth function of your device and search for the pair of headphones under the name “Inateck BH1001”.

You ready to indulge in the joys of music.



These headphones are very practical because they have magnetic ends, which allow to keep around the neck without embarrassing when the market or brisk walk. However, when running down the stairs, they move around your neck, without however falling. In addition, it has small buttons at the level of the headphones in order to adjust the volume of the music at any time.

Furthermore, the manufacturer declares them waterproof, but I have not tested them under water. It is a resistance to perspiration or sweating.

By doing tests on the scope of the headphones to the source distance, I can say that 10 metres from the source, can still listen to the music but only if there is no “obstacle” (door closed, wall,…) Ditto if changing room, bluetooth no longer works.

In addition, noted that listeners have 8 hours autonomy, and I can say that it is even slightly higher (+/-9 h). It is important to indicate on the screen of your device, is a small vertical stack. It represents the State of the battery of your headset. When the battery is low, a «beep» tone resonates to listeners in every minutes (very annoying). The loading time of the headphones is about 2 hours (minimum 1 hour and 40 minutes).



To turn off the headphones, must be that both ends touch each other and that they remain “tied” together. However, it takes about 5 to 10 minutes so that cuts out the Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth switches off automatically after 10 minutes if the headphones are not connected to a device.


Link: http://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B014GVTFZO/


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