Test / review: Zagg IFROGZ headphones Impulse

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The headphones, this is something that I never get tired of change, always looking for a better sound, more comfort, a different thing which I can always appreciate more my music (and so delicate that I am, I always end up by) breaking a pair or the other must be replaced xD).

Future victims new kids of the moments are so headphones Zagg Ifrogz Impulse, which gave me the eye by their pretty design, black and silver, by the fact that you can clip, always handy, and also because they are with technology" Reflective Acoutics"based on the fundamental principles of human listening, and gives a crystal clear sound, so I was curious to try this.

One receives the headphones in a packaging makes good kind if it is to offer, and which contains:

  • the headphones, with microphone and remote
  • a user manual
  • micro-USB charging cable
  • 3 pairs of tip sizes
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First observation, headphones are very comfortable, do not move easily when it moves with (good point because they are standard IPX-2, resistant to sweat and a little rain during your jogging).

The pairing is easy with the smartphone, the manual is clear about this; use with the remote control is easy and intuitive, and besides listener of music we know also resume a call using the headset. The communication quality is good through the built-in microphone.

Obviously there we ask: "And the sound, what is it like with this Technology Reflectrucbidule?"

Well the sound with Reflective acoustics technology, is up to what is expected! Clear, balanced with good bass, powerful, this small headphone looks really good even compared to much more expensive models.

It loads by means of a micro-USB cable, completely in +/-60 minutes, and autonomy is about 5-6 hours, more than enough considering the size.

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delighted with these headphones!

Comfort, autonomy, ease of use, ipx-2, sound quality

—: hm… not yet found so far to tell the truth! ^^


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