Test / review: reality Aukey VR – 02 Mini Headset headset

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 More and more common, especially with compatible smartphones, smartphone virtual reality helmets are more on the market. It is helmet very cheap to put your compatible smartphone inside and thus reproduce the effects that can have with native but very expensive virtual reality helmets at the present time. I tested the reality headset Aukey VR – 02 Mini Headset.  

Content of the box and technical characteristics

  1 x AUKEY VR – O2 sunglasses virtual reality (black) 1 x fabric of cleaning 1 x operating instructions (in 5 languages including French and English) 61r8qq24ytl-_sl1500_

  • Black plastic
  • Foam reinforcement
  • Size: 16 * 10 * 8cm
  • Weight: 287g
  • Adjustable lenses to view
  • Compatible for Smartphone Android and iOS with 4.7 to 5.2 inches screen


The test

  This helmet is an alternative located between on the one hand the helmets of virtual reality as the Oculus Rift and the live HTC which are the tops of ranges and basic headphones such as the Cardboard cardboard. The VR-02 of Aukey looks solid and it has a setting with elastic headband and scratches for a good maintains on the eyes. The headset itself is rather light, foam that borders between the helmet and the face is pretty effective. Even with the smartphone in there, it is not unpleasant to wear. 71owfuettgl-_sl1500_ The smartphone is inserted from the front, but switch the door. Simply start a VR application on your smartphone, then install it and go for immersion! YouTube offers this feature for the compatible smartphone VR for specific videos made for and if not exist numerous applications for Android and iOS. There is a removable strip of plastic and a spring that allows you to dump your phone against its planned location and ensure a good keeps the screen when turning the head. Then close the door and look in the visor. 61mhkl5rael-_sl1500_ It is not possible to adjust the distance between the eyes, this is a standard setting in this helmet, but however the distance between the eye and the lens can be set to make the focus according to your vision. To avoid the headache, it is recommend to not use such a device more than 2 hours per day. 71olaker6gl-_sl1500_ The headset is compatible with all smartphones with a gyroscope and an accelerometer with a size between 4.7 and 5.2 inches. The mounting system based on the back of the phone is therefore unlikely to press side buttons. In use, the fluidity of movement and vision will be defined not by this helmet but with your smartphone, make sure that your phone is compatible to virtual reality technology before purchase.  


  The value of this headset is good and allows an introduction to virtual reality with smartphone without breaking the Bank. It is easier and more convenient to use than the helmets in cartons and much less expensive than the helmets of virtual reality for PC (with built-in so screen). There are several possibilities of customization to his countenance which is an asset. Little regret that the distance between the lenses can be changed, but their size still allows to be adapt to the greatest number.   Link: https://www.amazon.fr/Lunnettes-virtuelle-compatible-Appareils-VR-O2/dp/B01ID3OM5E/ test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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