Review/Test: Sandberg 10400 mAh External Battery


More and more nomadic devices are used: MP3 player, MP4 player, smartphone, tablet, etc… And that says portable electric device, says drums! Since we are tired of recharging them all the time, the manufacturers are trying to put us bigger batteries. But that says bigger batteries in capacity, also says more to recharge! And it is in this context that Sandberg’s portable battery “Outdoor Powerbank 10400 mAh” comes in. Sandberg is a Danish brand specialized in accessories for Smartphone and PC, with the ideology “It is for everyone”, much like the blog! Proof of the quality of the products they provide you a 5 year warranty is guaranteed! And moreover, if you sign up for their newsletters, every month you can win a gift! Sandberg Battery Powerbank Outdoor 10400

The Outdoor Powerbank 10400mAh by Sandberg

  • Model: 420-18
  • Battery for outdoor use
  • Battery with a capacity of 10400mAh
  • LED Lamp
  • Charge indicator
  • 2 USB ports for charging 2 devices (1 A and 2.1 a)
  • IP54 Certification: Protected against dust and water splashing
  • Input: 5 V-1a
  • Output: 5 V-2.1 A (max)
  • Size: 12 x 7.5 x 2.5 cm

  In view of the design, one notices immediately that the battery was designed for the backpacker, and in view of its specificity, that it was designed to be used outdoors. First, let’s talk about its capacity: 10400 MAh! A very big battery! Know that our smartphones usually have about 2000mAh, which in fact you can recharge them about 4 times without recharging the battery! Then the battery includes 2 USB ports, which allows you to recharge 2 devices at the same time! One with an output of 1 A (classic devices in USB) and one with an output of 2.1 a (newer high-end devices and tablets). But that’s not all, because in addition to having a huge capacity and 2 USB ports, this battery has 4 led LEDs that shows you the remaining capacity of the Powerbank, and a LED light that serves as a flashlight! With the ignition button, you have several ways to use your Powerbank:

  • A simple press of the ignition button, without connected device: Indication of the remaining energy
  • A simple support on the ignition button with connected device: Charging of 2 or more devices
  • 2-second press of the ignition button: activating the flashlight without recharging
  • 2 second support after simple support: flashlight in addition to charging

  Note: The power button is a light (green) and stays on as long as it discharges its energy. Automatically detects the removal of a device or its full load and switches off automatically after a few seconds. The LED for the flashlight is close enough to the USB ports to illuminate them in the dark to avoid insertion difficulties and is powerful enough to illuminate at more than 5m. And finally, since this battery was designed to be used outdoors, it is IP54 certified, that is, protected from dust and splash water. On the other hand, would not withstand an immersion in water. The USB ports are protected by rubber covers. A USB-micro-USB cable is supplied, this one measures 30 cm long. Having 2 USB ports, 2 cables would have been better. In addition, for an external battery of this type, a compartment for including the charging cable would have been more than welcome!  


An excellent energy reserve that this Outdoor Powerbank 10400mAh by Sandberg! Enough to be quiet for several days without having any catch nearby! Too bad they didn’t think about integrating a compartment for the charging cables! Product Link: Amazon link: [gallery columns = “2” ids = “7064, 7065, 7066,7067”] test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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