Test / reviews: external 10000 mAh ECEEN battery

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 With our smartphones, tablets and other electronic gadgets that require still more energy, the question of autonomy arises, especially when we're going on a trip, camping and access to a plug is not always guaranteed. In this case, an external backup battery can be very useful. And for an extended period a battery that can store a lot of energy is a plus. It is for this reason that I decided to test a laptop battery from 10.000mAh to ECEEN.  

Content of the box and technical characteristics

1 x battery Portable 30000mAh 1 x cable MicroUSB – USB 20cm 1 x manual in English Type: Li-Polymer capacity: 10000mAh (111Wh) input: 5V 1 A output: double USB 1 X 5V DC 1 has and 1 X 5 c 2A (total 5V 3A) Dimension: 144 x 76 x 16 mm weight: 230g

The test

My first impressions are that the battery is rather compact compared with its ability. For 230g, it's not too in a purse or a backpack, this is a 10, 000mAh good capacity battery, which can thus charge your smartphone 5-3 times on average (depends on the capacity of the battery of your Smartphone (, or other device you reload). It is therefore rather to put in the bag when you hand for a little while. Or if several people use it during a picnic for example. She is a happy medium between a small battery of Pocket who doesn't charge that once a smartphone and batteries more big and heavier less fit for the bag. It has 2 USB outputs, each output has a 5V and the combination of the two is capped at an amperage of 3A. There is only a single cable, but if you have 2, you can charge 2 devices at once with a fast speed (2A, 5V) and an average speed (1, 5V). Battery will fit the load power necessary to your device, if you plug a laptop which cannot load than at 1 has 5V 2A 5V port, battery will not send the maximum supported by the laptop. To recharge the battery, there is a MicroUSB entrance. The battery is good capacity, the load also takes time it takes some hours load to load completely. When you use the battery to charge a device, or even off loading, you can press the button LED indicator to see the level of battery charge, there are 4 levels. The 4 LEDs are lit when the battery is charge between 100 and 75%, 3 LEDs for 75 to 50%, 2 LEDs for 50 to 25% and finally 1 LEDs for 25 to 0%. Batterie Externe 10000 Eceen 04 The fact that it is splash-resistant and the short rains (if the rubber is placed on the loading ports) it can be a good battery during an outing in nature, for a hiking or camping for example. The battery has a coating that is pleasant to the touch, and rare enough for a battery for that I signal. Generally it is a simple cold plastic, but here the plastic has a nice texture to the touch.  


In conclusion I would say that this battery is very convenient when you have no outlet to door during a trip or during a single event or more. With its large capacity of 10, 000mAh, it will allow several refills of your electronic devices with ease without that cared about the differences in power. The full charging time of the battery is correct for a battery of this ability. It can lend itself to out in nature or potentially wetland. Link: https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B014R120XC/ test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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