These threats you face when you're not protecting your Android device

screenshot_20 Neglecting the protection of a Smartphone can expose it to real threats. In this context, more and more users are turning to preventive solutions like VPN for Android. What are the dangers that are frequently encountered? Here is an article summarizing all the risks incurred on a non-secure mobile device.  

What are these common threats?


Questionable applications

Without adopting the right reflexes or installing a VPN for Android, downloading questionable applications can cause abnormal operation of the Android device. Of course, the main interest of smartphones is to be able to access an ever more important catalogue of various programs. Thus, it is not uncommon to find attractive Softs on GooglePlay to take advantage of exclusive tools. Without a brief analysis of other users ' comments, an application can slow down the performance of a device. In some cases, overheating of the Smartphone can also damage the internal components (battery, processor,…). Not surprisingly, it is also strongly recommended that you download programs outside of GooglePlay. Without any certificate of compliance, the threats are often numerous and sometimes burdensome. These applications often contain viruses named malware. Unlike the so-called "traditional" junk files, these are primarily intended to reduce performance or inaccessibility of certain features. However, in more rare cases, unintentional installation of a rooting malware can make the Smartphone unusable.  

Phishing attempts

Phishing (or phishing) is a hacking technique used by hackers. With the help of a simple interaction or from a shared Internet connection, theft of personal information (sometimes sensitive) can be carried out, without alarming the attacked user. By taking advantage of various applications such as direct access to a mail box, social networks or bank accounts, a Smartphone gathers a multitude of identifiers and passwords automatically saved on the device. This information presents significant risks in the event of a cyber attack and can lead to possible identity theft. VPNS for Android are particularly effective in preventing these risks (developed later in this article).  

Late updates

Recurring updates (offered by apps or the Android system) sometimes annoy smartphone users. Yet, in addition to bringing new features and stability, securing faults is very often the main motive for a new version of software. Without any obligation, the choice of a postponement or refusal of installation is possible. However, threats can "block" the detection of updates and thus prevent security. Again, here we are talking about undesirable files comparable to the previously mentioned malware viruses. As a result, multiple sources of hazards will benefit from "doors left open" by an outdated version of the program. Periodically updating updates is a real prevention tool for dealing with complex scenarios.  

The theft of crypto-currencies

Every year, the investment in crypto-currencies is gaining popularity with the French. The purchase of digital currencies (Bitcoins, nanos, Dogecoins…) requires an electronic wallet. This e-wallet consists of highly secure programming commands. But the hackers find their motivation in this spirit of perpetual defiance. With less security on mobile devices, the theft of crypto-currencies from a Smartphone is possible. It is not uncommon to find a testimonial on the Web where several thousand euros were stolen in just a few seconds. If you have invested yourself in the world of crypto-currencies, adhering to protection methods is more than advocated.  

Dangerous access points

  What is the main reason for such insecurity on a Smartphone? The explanation is most certainly related to the Internet connection used. Indeed, a public access point (WIFI) is a real bargain for the most malicious. Devices sharing this offered, indirectly linked, throughput will not be able to effectively filter incoming or outgoing data and leave the free field to hacking attempts.  

How to protect yourself effectively?

  A simple and free method helps to better protect yourself against threats. As a first step, periodically changing its passwords and avoiding the backup of information is advisable. On the application side, a thorough analysis before installation is interesting to counter the drafting of possible false comments. To take advantage of important security, a user will be able to turn to a VPN solution for Android. In addition to a remote intermediary connection, the data encryption provided by these virtual private networks is a real rampart against tracking. screenshot_21

In conclusion

  Faced with so many threats, more and more smartphone users are becoming aware of the risks involved. Thus, adopting the right reflexes or taking advantage of a VPN for Android now takes its full meaning.

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