VPNs, essential for downloading torrents

Torrenting We are in an era where, fortunately, more and more people are realizing that to create a sustainable way of life, it is necessary to stop being proud in our selfishness and instead think of others through collaboration and sharing. Unfortunately, the sustainability of our planet is not really the priority of the consumer society in which we live. Thus, any form of product sharing is often singled out by policies, dictated by lobbying imperatives of large companies. "Torrenting" is thus at the top of the list of practices that many countries disapprove of, because it can be used for the practice of piracy. Yet the noble cause that led to its conception is this very desire to help each other in order to improve and avoid the waste of resources on the Internet. But what is "Torrenting"? Let us briefly review the issues that led to the genesis of this system and its operating principles.  

The Torrent: an altruistic download system

In the standard download system, your computer will send a query to a server that may be far from home. However, this server may be the only one to satisfy it if this file happens to be rare. It is also quite possible that you are not the only one who wants the file in question, which will solicit the same server with the risk that it will saturate. This is one of the limitations of this system: everything will rest on the server, and the time to connect to get files can become very slow. But, this system, allowing easier control of files, is popular with companies on the net. The Torrent system is quite different: it is a matter of distributing the loads. In other words, you have to help each other to download a file. In fact, usually, a downloaded file will be segmented into several parts, and these parts will be downloaded one by one by the computer. The BitTorrent protocol allows you to download parts that other users have already acquired from the server. You can also help others download the parts you've already downloaded yourself, as if you were becoming a server yourself. It is then said that you are a "seed" or "seeder", the people who retrieve the data from you will be your "Leechers". The more you share for the community as a "seed," the more you will also receive from other users and vice versa. You need to use a BitTorrent client to be able to download torrent users into the community, among whom the most popular are BitTorrent and 'Torrent'.  

Torrents, controversial in some countries

The principle of sharing files from one user to another used in this system is not necessarily illegal, a user has the perfect right to share content of which he is the author. And even if he is not necessarily the author, as he does not monetize the content he shares as a "seeder", it is not necessarily reprehensible for him. But of course, each country has different regulations in this area and some countries like the United States are very strict about the files downloaded by the Torrents. You can feel the influence and lobbying of the entertainment industries. This makes it possible for Uncle Sam's agents to track down your IP address as soon as you are active in the Torrent community. (Your ISP will cooperate, of course). These agents will even have the right to physically search your computer for files you've downloaded to incriminate yourself. Globalization obliges, many countries follow the American example with more or less zeal. To escape this persecution and preserve your private activities, there is the VPN solution. vpn torrent download

Be quiet by downloading Torrents: use VPNs

Created specifically to protect your privacy, VPNs or Virtual Private Networks hide your IP address, bypassing a number of problems related to your personal data and preventing you from being targeted by your Internet regulations often draconian when it comes to Torrents. There is a wide choice of VPNs, so you can opt for a free or paid VPN, depending on your expectations and needs in terms of safety, speed and reliability. Those who pay will, of course, offer a better quality of service. If you do not live in Switzerland (the country that most considers consumers), Spain, Canada or other countries such as the Netherlands and Mexico, the use of a VPN will be the solution to continue to actively share in the community torrent.

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