How thoroughly clean its Android smartphone

clean android smartphone


Nowadays, smartphones continue to still evolve more power… but there is one thing that is not developing as quickly, it is the memory of our dear smartphones!

Whether internal memory level or at the level of SD Cards / microSD, there is still limited in the choice of capacities: 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB and a few exceptions, 64 GB… and thats it! Unlike our computers where there is minimum 500 GB…

In addition, the fact that Android can be put in many smartphones, these may or may not include slots for the microSD card, which is that some are still more limited in storage space (usually less 16 gigas)!

I had written some time ago an article on how to uninstall an Android application and data and cache, this time I'll show you how to do some major cleaning of unnecessary data, allowing you to earn a few MB, or even a few GB!

For this method, you need to install an application, which can be compared to CCleaner on computers, but many younger (understand by this that it cleans well, but alas, still leaves to spend a lot of things… ). Must also say that Android is a system still quite young, but with thousands of applications and which was known quite quickly.

To clean your special Kärcher Android smartphone:

  • Go to Play Store of Android (from your smartphone or from your PC, no matter, but if it is from your PC, it must be that you be logged in with your Google account)
  • Locate the "Clean Master" or if you do from your PC, click on this link: Clean Master
  • Click on "Install"
  • If you do from your PC, the installation will be done automatically during your next connection to the internet from your smartphone
  • Then run it on your Android


The app has various tabs:

  • Clean Master homepage: gives you used/free space your SD card and internal memory, as well as the access to the different functions of the application.

Home of the cleaning Clean Master Android app


  • Tab History: is divided into 2: Cache and Privacy

-Cache: these are all files that are stored to accelerate your applications, in principle, there is no reason that you delete. If you delete them, this will allow you to increase your storage space that temporarily.


Removal of the covers of the android apps


-Privacy: these are the historical of your applications, generally those who connect to the internet, internet browsers like Dolphin, but also Google Play Store and the Paypal app


Cleaning of the historical of Android apps


  • Tab Residual Files: I would say the most interesting, it are not deleted during the uninstallation of an app files

Delete the remaining files on Android


  • Tasks tab: Apps it displays at this location are the applications currently active. Personally, it has no utility as it doesn't even list half of active applications… And Android, in any case HTC, have themselves a good Task Manager better.

Currently active application downtime


  • : Appmanager tab to uninstall and do the backup (backups) of applications. Not tested because is a novelty at the time or I'm writing the article… The backup, I use the famous Titanium Backup and for uninstallation, I did not so often that much and when I do, I do with my way to cleanly uninstall an app.

Backup and uninstall applications on Android

For info, this apps allowed me to retrieve several gigas of memory only by deleting files left by older applications!

But like any cleaning software, should be minimal attention that it erases any other data in error, which happens also to the best in cleaning on PC software! This is a negative point that I blame for this app, it does not always have all the data it will remove.

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