Windows: How to remove old drivers and devices

usb key windows 10

In Windows (regardless of the version, whether it’s W7, W8 or W10), every time you connect a different device like USB sticks, Windows installs a new driver (or driver) every time. But after a while, it builds up. How to remove old drivers? So for some people, the number of pilots can be quite large. It is possible to erase these unused drivers in the registry, but it is not user friendly at all, on the other hand, there are tools that can facilitate this by giving a precise list of the devices connected to your computer, As well as the last use! One of these tools is device cleanup tool (attention, the page lists all the software in the company, so take the device cleanup tool, or use this direct link) free and easy to use, but is not in French.

  • Download it from the link above
  • Choose your version depending on whether you are in 32 bits or 64 bits.
  • To remove drivers from an old device, simply select it

window device cleanup tool periuptheric

  • Right click on it and click Remove

  And that’s it, the cleaning is done! Simple and effective!   Note that removing old drivers does not guarantee you a speed gain for your computer, nor a gain of disk space, but it’s always good to do the cleaning from time to time, it avoids problems especially as the old drivers can often cause problems on Windows.

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