Test/review: Scosche Strikeline I3AAP audio adapter for Lightning devices


Honestly I’m thrilled with everything since I went back to the iPhones, except, like everyone else, because we have more port Jack…

One has (in any case in most models so far) an audio adapter provided, but one, we do not know listen to music and charge at the same time (it’s annoying in car I find), and two Beh… Only one adaptor, it’s not much if you put one in the car, one in his bag, or we lose everything… (no no I’m not talking to me, ahem).

So I had already tried several adapters of various brands on Amazon and company (no I did not recommend the official suite, I wanted to do the cheap xD), and unfortunately they go randomly, sometimes the iPhone recognizes them, sometimes not… -_-‘

Hence my desire to try this Scosche Strikeline I3AAP adapter, having been satisfied with other products of this brand before.

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Not much to say about the contents of the box, we have the adapter and that’s enough :D

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just plug it into your phone and headphones that you want to use or the car’s audio system via AUX, and you can charge at the same time without any worries.

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I have so far in more than a week of use with my headphones (yes I know I can use my Bluetooth headsets too, but you have to think about charging them is another case that xD), never had any worries about compatibility. You can also control the music from the adapter with the buttons play, pause and adjust the volume, which is not indispensable OK but functions in addition it is always nice.

An adapter that really fits, that’s all you can ask for! :D


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