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It happens that when downloading a film of same beach vacation, we are left with the sound of the film offset from the video… This is usually due to compression on the film. To adjust this, you can either edit the video and adjust the speed of sound, or use […]

How to adjust the sound shift of the audio from ...

The webmasteurs all know, they have to test its web site with a maximum of web browsers so that it is visible by a maximum of people and that all Mariners gives the same display of the site! Here are therefore 2 sites that will allow you to test your […]

2 sites to test its web site in multiple browsers

This trick lets you translate a web site, a web page, or even a portion of text in the language that you want, with a single click! The translation will be with the Google translate service, so the translation is not perfect, but it's better than nothing! ;-) First, go […]

How to translate a web page with one click