How to adjust the sound shift of the audio from a video

It happens that when downloading a film of same beach vacation, we are left with the sound of the film offset from the video… This is usually due to compression on the film.

To adjust this, you can either edit the video and adjust the speed of sound, or use VLC.

The method using Vlc is temporary, the video is not changed, so if you raise once again the video, the sound will be always shifted… but is this method I describe here, because the easier!

Use Vlc to play video, pause it (or not, you can tune into full play, this is limit easier to give the sound with the video), click Tools, and then click track synchronization

VLC menu audio lag

In the window that appears, you can change the speed of sound and therefore grant it on video, by speeding up or slowing down the sound. This is done by 0.1 seconds (you can manually enter the number of seconds of lag in + or -you want or click on-/ +).

his offbeat

Well, this trick does not work on platforms like MegaVideo streaming, for this, you need to download the video to your computer.

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