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If happen you to your friends or colleagues complained to you concerning the sending of advertising mails (so-called spam) from your email address, but that you have not sent your voluntarily, then this trick will allow you to detect when spam are sent to all your contacts and react accordingly. […]

How do I know if their email address send spam

If you want to entertain your readers with the Google Pac – man game, know that you can insert it on a page or section of your blog under WordPress! Download and install the plugin Activate it And the place you want the game to appear, insert just [pacman] The […]

WordPress: how to add the Google Pac – man game ...

On most sites, and blogs, when you leave a comment, you have an avatar which is randomly generated or is the same for everyone… except that some people have their own avatar!   How do? Registration?   Eh not! All are not registered on the site in question and all […]

How to have his avatar on almost all sites

After you have talked about how adjust the offset of the sound from the video, here's how repair videos broken / corrupted. When you download a movie, it happens that the download goes wrong for X reasons due to the vagaries of computer :-): Your movie has been downloaded 100%, […]

How to repair a divx movie broken or corrupted