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After the list of sites of direct downloads (ddl) ten… After the list of boards warez…   And since I am in my period electronic books (ebooks), especially novels, place in… the list of sites to download free ebooks and in french!   I have already mentioned some of these […]

List of free ebooks sites is a site that allows to create the list of its series and manage. On the same principle that MyAnimeList, this site allows to make its list of series and episodes that you watched what is very convenient when you juggle on several series simultaneously. Once your series list […] or how to plan his TV series

This trick will allow you to create a secure (encrypted) maximum 2giga on your key USB, and despite the fact that it will be encrypted, you can access and edit all your data secured safely on any computer, even if you do not have administrator rights! Steps to follow: Download […]

How to protect its key USB