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A game in English, Russian, or any other language, and you would like to have it in french? No need to buy/download the French version! ;-) You just just find the patch that lets you translate your games in french. Google is your friend, but alas, is the patch does […]

Site of french patch for video games

By default, it is not possible to put several newline in Wordpress, even with multiple tags<br>in the html code. To insert several newline on Wordpress, simply put in the html editor, at the locations where you want them: <br clear="none">   It's as simple as that!  

WordPress: how to insert multiple newline

Recently, Microsoft's messaging service, Hotmail, allows you to create disposable email addresses. In the same way as Yopmail, these email addresses will protect you from spam. With a hotmail address, you can create up to 5 disposable email addresses of your choice, also known as aliases. To create a disposable […]

How to create disposable email addresses with Hotmail

You think not often and even some ignore it, but did you know you can create a keyboard shortcut to open a program instead of the usual double click? In addition the method is easy to do (besides allow you to save time)! Go into your menu start (or on […]

How to create a keyboard shortcut to open a program