Site of french patch for video games

A game in English, Russian, or any other language, and you would like to have it in french? No need to buy/download the French version! ;-)

You just just find the patch that lets you translate your games in french.

Google is your friend, but alas, is the patch does not work, it translates to half either it is a virus, or even be the link is dead!

And seek for hours, nobody want to do!

Even less when we know that on a pretty special forum we can find almost all the patches in a french video games for free! : p




The forum in question is specialized in the translation of video games: Patch –

Alas, he asked that it be included, but you can get a login + password to this address: Bugmenot (see my tip on how to access forums/sites requiring registration) ;-)

In addition, it is possible to see if the forum contains the french patch for your game or not at this address: list of patches!

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