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Proxy Hadopi provides information and practical guides to work around all government censorship. In recent years, countries adopt draconian laws and create authorities such as Hadopi to control and censor the Internet. Since 2010, Hadopi is one of the symbols of this authoritarian drift of many countries alleged democratic. To […]

Proxy Hadopi, the solution of information full to circumvent Government ...

In a laptop, there are few elements, parts that can be changed. Unlike a fixed pc where you can change all the components… And this is of course because of the miniaturization of the various components. For maximum space saving, many components are welded together. But with an adapter… What […]

Test / Reviews: Adapter – hard drive holder for laptop

I was recently asked what I thought of the concept of Keychain Keysmart, given that my own keys cause me some problems, so I decided to get a copy to see what it really is. The problems with my keys? Holes in the pockets (especially the more annoying ca!) and […]

Review / Test + contest: Keychain Keysmart

Windows was built to be used on a maximum of machines with different configurations, and therefore, it is usually not optimized for your computer and your use. I also invite you to read our other articles articles about the optimization of your computers if this is already done. A "non-optimisations", […]

How to optimize its processor: change and enable L2 and ...

The winter approaching, the nights get longer which will immerse ourselves in the black during long hours. And for those who are often on the computer to work (or play), they probably know that have (other than the backlight of the display) ambient light is essential for the well-being of […]

Review / Test: lamp Mini brick color change

The protection of a Tablet is something indispensable given the fact that they are made to be ridden in every sense. In addition, this protection could be pretty and original, it would be perfect. This is why I will present the mini cover for iPad (all generations) from Incipio.   […]

Review / Test: cover mini iPad by Incipio