Review / Test: lamp Mini brick color change

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 The winter approaching, the nights get longer which will immerse ourselves in the black during long hours. And for those who are often on the computer to work (or play), they probably know that have (other than the backlight of the display) ambient light is essential for the well-being of the eyes. This is why I propose to test the brick lamp. First of all, that contains the box:

  • 1 base with 4 LED lights
  • 64 transparent bricks
  • 1 power cable
  • a booklet of explanation

box led light

1 ° the construction

When talking about bricks, we think directly to the famous game of Lego and so to an infinity of possibility of creation. In the booklet supplied with the lamp, a model is presented to us (image below) but be aware to remove bricks must be quite forcibly at the beginning because they are really tight together. led lamp

2 ° the lighting

The base has on one of these faces a button that offers 2 possibilities of lighting: If you push left we will have a white light ideal for the eyes when one is on the computer and when it grows to the right, the lights will start to change color from blue to purple followed green and finally orange. Lighting can also serve as a pilot for a child because the light is not aggressive. Blue brick lamp  

3 ° power supply

The lamp comes with a USB cable (approx. 1 m) to connect it to your computer or any other device and USB charger. In addition, it is possible to insert 3 AAA batteries in a box located in the base to enable us to place the lamp where we want.  

4 ° conclusion

The principle of the bricks is really very friendly, can give the shape you want to our lamp and lighting, with color change or a white light source is very nice. The lamp really has its place on a desk or anywhere elsewhere in the House. Being able to use it with 3 AAA batteries makes it nomadic with good battery life for batteries. Link to article: test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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