Review / Test: cover mini iPad by Incipio


The protection of a Tablet is something indispensable given the fact that they are made to be ridden in every sense. In addition, this protection could be pretty and original, it would be perfect. This is why I will present the mini cover for iPad (all generations) from Incipio.  

1 ° presentation:

The cover is very fine and perfectly follows the contours of my mini iPad 2 Retina (slightly thicker than the mini iPad 1). Once trapped inside the cover, the tablet can no longer move at all and does not vibrate against the plastic which is already great. Moreover, the affected outer surface is very soft. The cover does not add much weight to the tablet that makes all point pleasant to handle. Front panel Back side

2 ° use:

The cover of the cover is magnetic, what makes that when on the flap on the screen, it goes directly into standby mode (so no waste of battery). In addition, once folded, nothing does exceed the screen there may therefore not be release in a bag or other. All the iPad as well as outputs audio buttons are accessible with the cover. So it’s always easy to adjust its volume, listen to music or talk to someone without this poses problem. But now turn to the folding that is still the capital portion of this cover. We can choose 2 types of foldings in landscape which can be either write mode or playback mode. To switch from one mode to the other, this does absolutely not take much time. folded in write mode here in write mode, the tablet is perfectly inclined to write whole texts without problems. However, as we can see from the image on a new cover folds are a little rebel (light space between the cover and there shelf) which will result in a small Kickback if writing typing too hard. But once the cover is used to be in this position, this sensation disappears. Will need to be patient at the beginning.   folded in viewing mode The second mode is typically made for watching movies. The shelf is angled in a nice manner and will not move from its support, so enjoy his film with no concern.  

3 ° conclusion:

Cover offer adequate protection to the mini iPad using the reinforcing plastic on the Tower of the cover, the screen is also in security using the front cover and the unit is immediately placed in mode ensures its closure which allows to save the battery. We quickly appreciate the way of folding of the cover but I regret that it has not planned for portrait mode folding.   Link to the product: test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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