Proxy Hadopi, the solution of information full to circumvent Government censorship!

Proxy-hadopi Proxy Hadopi provides information and practical guides to work around all government censorship. In recent years, countries adopt draconian laws and create authorities such as Hadopi to control and censor the Internet. Since 2010, Hadopi is one of the symbols of this authoritarian drift of many countries alleged democratic. To counter this authority and other surveillance programs Government, it was necessary to find comprehensive solutions to protect his privacy and surf anonymously.

Threats to privacy in the world

The giants of the web and ISPs from around the world are stacked against the net neutrality and freedom of the user. Soon, it will have to pay to have a better connection and can no longer access some sites in the country. The Pirate Bay, which was the largest Torrent site has disappeared from the overnight. Censorship is systematic and it is more and more practiced at a governmental level. However, Internet users are constantly solutions to circumvent censorship practised by Governments with Tor, Proxy or VPN.

Understanding proxies and VPNS

Among the solutions to circumvent censorship, there the network Tor, proxy and VPN. The Tor network is free, but the connection will be very slow since everyone uses it. The proxy is interesting, but their reputation is not always reliable, as they offer often intrusive advertising to fund their services. The VPN is the best solution, because it offers an encrypted connection and an optimal connection speed. But the sector of VPNS is a real jungle where everyone tries to claim that it offers the best service. Need a website that offers a focused news on Hadopi, but also the comparison of VPN to help the user make the best choice.

What can be found at Proxy

You live in France or in the Morocco, you will find information useful on Proxy Hadopi. The site has 4 main categories which are actu Hadopi bypass Hadopi, the comparisons the VPN and testing on the available proxy. Rather than propose a single solution, Proxy Hadopi offers a variety of articles covering all areas of the protection of privacy and anonymity. Thus, the Actu Hadopi category lets you to keep you informed of developments on this authority to understand how it threatens your freedom on the net. The most interesting category is VPN comparison where the authors offer a complete test on the main market VPN vendors.  This information will help users to find the VPN at the best price, but also to determine if the VPN provider offers a good privacy policy. Finally, the category of proxies list you the advantages and disadvantages of free or paid proxies. The site describes the risks you run by using a free proxy and why, a simple VPN will be better than all paid proxies.

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