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Between cyber-attacks like Sony in December 2014 and computer viruses, security on the web is at the centre of concerns. Protect its data and its website is not always an easy task, but there are various ways to prevent hackers. We will show you two mobile applications that will be […]

Two mobile applications to monitor your web site

Understand the difference between a virus and a security suite and how they can protect your PC and your mobile device. We saw many things in 2014, but in the field of computer security, experts agree that this year is that of malware. In fact, there is more malware that […]

Are they still effective antivirus software to protect your PC ...

If you do not often change computer and want to recover / check data or just simply if you find an old hard disk, you will be probably blocked, especially if it still has the old IDE, the current connectivity being the mostly the SATA. If your old computer still […]

Review / Test: drive-adapter SATA drive IDE/USB 3 Sandberg

What’s the set toolkit pro from ifixit? Anyone who follows the releases of the latest high-tech news, especially smartphones, as well as anyone who likes to repair their own products, is no doubt familiar with the famous site that helps you repair your products. devices:! Ifixit Especially known on […]

Review: Set iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

Our smartphones use us for everything now and live without is not always easy. However, when it needs to get behind the wheel, we meet that have its smartphone in your Pocket is not pleasant for long journeys and that it is dangerous to remove it from his pocket while […]

Review / Test: Geraldine Airframe