Review / Test: Geraldine Airframe

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 Our smartphones use us for everything now and live without is not always easy. However, when it needs to get behind the wheel, we meet that have its smartphone in your Pocket is not pleasant for long journeys and that it is dangerous to remove it from his pocket while driving. We will therefore seek a place where to place or else it will buy the car corresponding to our phone support. But after some time, we want to change the phone to have the latest version and so a new car holder… Short, it is an eternal repetition that will eventually cost.  So, I'll test another alternative, that of universal support Geraldine Airframe which is compatible with a big majority of phone and even with the latest Samsung Galaxy A5!  

Presentation and product characteristics:

Geraldine airfrme With its 23 grams and 6.7 cm size (extensible up to 7, 4cm), it is hard to say that this small bracket can hold our smartphone without risk. The setting is a small notch cut that will be placed on the vents of our car. This clip has 2 types of notches, one for the shallow aeration flaps and the other will be used for thicker ventilation flaps. Quality of support and strength level, I think that there's nothing to complain about, has everything in one piece with 2 grips on the edges to prevent the phone from falling.


Geraldine Airframe positioned very easily in the car simply just the clip to one of the ventilation openings. Then just reject it a little to put the smartphone or remove it once arrived at destination. His video can be adapted to all types of ventilation grilles. You can also turn the support to put our camera in landscape mode or portrait mode. The rotation is done without problem. But there a second utility can also take his office to use as a support for smartphone. For this simply swipe a card (style loyalty card) into the bracket. Offered orientation is ideal to view videos but not suitable for write (unless you have a map with the flu) the benGeraldine airframe mapefits of this support are many: – suitable for any type of smartphone up to 12.7 cm screens – leaves no trace on the windshield – withdraw easily and can be transported to the office for her second job – orients itself at will – can be put in all cars – can serve as a hands-free (attention, do not write message at the wheel!) – it covers only a faib the part of the smartphone it to so access to all buttons as well as at the port of reloading, however there is also a drawback, for security reasons, the air vent attached to the support cannot blow hot air. This would result in an increase in the temperature of our device. Beware therefore! test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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