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We are increasingly using our phones as real mini laptops, both to go on the internet, to watch a video, to listen to music, sometimes even download torrents. Only one of the main limitations is the connection. Whether it's transferring data or watching a movie on another screen, the microUSB […]

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Introduction THE RAID is often heard of, but what is it really? It is the acronym for "Redundant Array of Independent Disks" or "Redundant Ensemble of Independent Discs" in French. Or in more common language it's a method to group several hard drives together to improve performance, both in size […]

Secure your data with a RAID or JBOD system

When looking for a program that does something in particular, characteristic, found generally and directly on Google but in paid version, and sometimes very expensive! (UN) Fortunately, there is not always cracked versions or even trial version (and then the trial version does not even make something decent). The solution? […]

Or find similar software and plugins?

Smartphones, our best travel companion ever we never forget and that's why we always have to find a place for him. The pocket for men and the handbag for women (in the majority of cases). But who has never had problems getting their phone back behind the wheel because there […]

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