Test / Reviews: Moshi Xync loading and synchronization key holder


We always need a cable to charge our portable devices. And often when you need it, you can't get your hands on it. When finally by miracle we find our beloved cable, this one is full of knots that we do not know how it managed to do.

But there are solutions, including The Moshi xync.




Outdoors: This is a small box of 6cm by 4cm, with musket, ideal to hang it on the car keys (and therefore have easier to find it). On the outside, there is only a push button that is visible and that allows to pull out the USB plug as well as the Micro-USB cable. To remove the cable, there is also a rough surface at the end of it to remove it from the case with greater ease.

Inside: when you open the Moshi on one of its faces, you discover 3 compartments to store: 1 micro SD card, 1 Nano SD card and a pin to remove the SD cards from their locations (I didn't even know it existed, too bad it's not li verated with the product).



The primary function of this travel companion remains above all the charging and synchronization of devices with MicroUSB or lightning output (depending on the model of Moshi chosen).

For this, there is nothing to say, it perfectly fulfills its role. Note, however, the small size of the yarn, which is no more than 10cm long. But with the case and the output of the USB plug we still arrive at 20cm. Not always practical but at least we know how to lay it flat near a socket or on his desk. On the other hand, to use it while recharging, it is absolutely not practical.

The secondary function, which is to be able to store our SD cards, is also functional even if the usefulness escapes me. Too bad the developers didn't integrate the ability to read our SD cards directly it could have been more interesting.

pc moshi


A very useful gadget for those who no longer want to get excited with the wires and that allows you to quickly get your hands on its charging cable.


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