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Windows has the unfortunate tendency to store everything that happens on your computer. Actually, he keeps a lot of unnecessary info in memory and rarely those that you really need! (Who never had a Word document lost due to a crash?) CCleaner, famous cleaning program, allows you to delete a […]

How to clean history of the USB stick inserted into ...

I was much told listeners the JAYS mark touting me their auditory quality, so I decided to test one of their products, headphones with kit pedestrian a-JAYS One +. The a-JAYS One more is a wired headset with customizable remote: Features Speaker Type: 8.6 Dynamic Speaker Sensitivity: 95 db @ […]

Test /Review: headphones with pedestrian a-JAYS One kit +.

Nowadays, almost everyone has a phone. Him, there is no problem, it is all the time in the pocket or handbag. But when it comes to having the right time one of the many accessories to charge the phone when it is needed with the objects that surround us, it […]

Test / Review: Pack ultimate Micro-USB Chargers

Cables to recharge or synchronize phones, what a hassle when you let them hang out. They often get tangled up. Also, in dark conditions, it is often more difficult to plug it in for the charge (for example in the evening next to the bed). To answer these different problems, […]

Test / Review: Cable Lightning – USB Micro with LED ...

Our faithful travel companion, the smartphone: It is indispensable to us and since it never leaves us, we use it for everything, including photos and reading documents. And sometimes we wish we could share it with our friends by sharing our files. Fortunately, the blutooth allows us to share our […]

Test / Reviews: Key Micro-USB Leef