How to clean history of the USB stick inserted into a computer

trace-history-usb Windows has the unfortunate tendency to store everything that happens on your computer. Actually, he keeps a lot of unnecessary info in memory and rarely those that you really need! (Who never had a Word document lost due to a crash?) CCleaner, famous cleaning program, allows you to delete a large majority of these useless data that reside on the computer, but unfortunately, even in the improved version, it doesn't erase everything. And one of the unnecessary things that CCleaner does not clear it is the history of the USB stick! EH Yes, Windows keeps it in memory (me not ask why he keeps it, I know nothing, I do not see any usefulness and do not think that the would take place at the speed/recognition level…) I have never seen a difference between an old USB key inserted and a new… ) This history lies in the Windows registry, but it is large because of the amount of data to manage, and it slows down the system (especially if there are a lot of unnecessary data). However it only increases in the course of time, what makes that inevitably, your PC slows down! To clear the history of the USB key inserted in your computer, download the USBOblivion program.

  1. Unzip it
  2. Run it
  3. Unplug your USB devices if you have which are connected


  • You can perform a simulation (not checking the box "Clean actually") to see how your history takes up space unnecessarily, and the registry key that will be cleared

Personally, USBOblivion found me 766 (registry) keys to clean! USBOblivion

  • Leave checked the box "Make a backup in .reg file" in order to have a backup in case of problems. If ever you have a problem, you only need to double-click on the backup file and accept the amalgamation of the file with the registry database, and once your PC restarted, everything will revert as before.

4. Check 'Clean actually' and click on 'Clean' to start cleaning.

  And here!

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