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Personally I do not like to use the touchpad, I stayed on the good old mouse (but wireless, wireless). Despite the number of years that I use a mouse, I have never had this kind of problem so far: a simple mouse click that the computer is considered a double […]

How to solve the problem of the single mouse click ...

I know the brand Inateck for their very good devices in management of hard drives and cheap USB, then with saw that they also had Earbud Headphones, I thought that it I had to test it! The intra of Inateck headphones I tested is the Aries HiFi BH1101, wired earphone […]

Test / Review: headphones-ear Inateck Aries HiFi BH1101

Nowadays, we just don't have too many cables! Even wifi/bluetooth devices (so wireless devices) still need a cable to recharge the battery! As I move a lot and I do not like to be bothered by a wire, I have a lot of wireless devices, so my office has a […]

Review/ Review: Gumbite Snappi Cable Range