Test / Review: headset/handset, hands-free kit, bluetooth Sony SBH54 radio

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 In nomadic mode, I would say you have 3 kinds of headphones: the classics in wired, wired loops headphones / bluetooth, and other…   Classics in wireframe, I want to say that as its name indicates, it is the classic, the style is firmly rooted in morals, is even more attention to a person who has headphones. Design, usually it is even more careful, it is both visible and discreet. Rollbars helmets (whether wired or bluetooth)… I almost want to say: "it's okay, not too heavy?" Not too bulky?" Personally, I believe that a helmet to rollbars, it stays at home: heavier, bulkier, but also more dangerous since largely insulates ambient sounds. The number of times I've seen people rager because their helmet was broken in transit… And other… the others, they are generally in bluetooth headphones. Their form and style are different, so much so that sometimes some people not knowing not the headphones think it's a hearing aid and think you have a hearing problem that no, it's just another form headphones, another design…!   Personally, I like Wired headphones because they are discreet, lightweight, withdraw and fall quickly. Unfortunately, they have the disadvantage of being wired, which is not especially ideal when you move many, that one often leaves its smartphone from his pocket, that it often interrupts the music (and that is not want to run it in the background by emptying your battery for nothing), looking for a bit, I discovered a model that, on paper, got all the air to satisfy my cravings : headphones discrete (design) in wired, but connectable to the smartphone by bluetooth! Remote control in premium, but also serves as a handset! This is the Sony SBH54. Sony-SBH54

Features of the Sony SBH54

  • Bluetooth
  • Atria
  • Hands-free kit
  • Handset
  • Notifier
  • FM radio
  • Volume buttons + and -.
  • Button stall appeal
  • Next/previous track, and play/pause button
  • Resistant to rain
  • Pairing facilitated by NFC possible
  • Attachment clip

The test

The principle is relatively simple: a mini housing that is both connected via bluetooth to your smartphone and connected to headphones Jack 3.5. Namely that this unit is designed to be compatible with a max of devices: one hand, simply having bluetooth: computer, smartphone, Tablet, etc… And on the other, it is the 3.5 mm jack, compatible with virtually all headphones & headsets. Headphones are provided, but if you have a pair of headphones which has something special for you and you want to continue using it, no problem! Simply substitute one for the other, and voila! This unit has several functions:

  • Relay smartphone-headphones Bluetooth (so hands-free kit)
  • Built-in FM radio
  • Handset in Bluetooth (speaker and microphone) with ambient noise reduction
  • Notifier with vibrator (amoled display) customizable

  The small box, making approximately 7cm long, 2cm wide and with a thickness of approximately 1.7 cm is relatively discreet with its design metallic matte. It has a clip on the rear so you can hang it on your clothing or belt.   This bluetooth box contains:

  • An NFC chip to allow the appliance quickly with smartphone with an NFC chip reader
  • A button ON / OFF
  • A 3.5 mm Jack port
  • A microphone
  • A microUSB for charging port
  • Pliers
  • A Play/Pause button
  • A next track button
  • A previous track button

SONY-SBH54-ON-OFF-PLAY-PAUSE On the side of Bluetooth, the range is 10 m, the classic what. The well-kept, either manually or via NFC is done quickly enough, no worries on this side there. Nor had any disconnection as I could have with bluetooth headsets. By against, a detail to know, is that the NFC chip lies at the level of the clamp, and so if you want to do through clothing, need you your SBH54 to be placed clamp outwards, i.e. upside since the screen will be to you and will be so hidden.   On the side of autonomy, built-in battery takes approximately 8 hours continuous… This is not huge knowing that the bluetooth helmets usually easily take the minimum 10 h… I think that from my point of view, this remains correct, without having too much, not too little. Note that appeal, self-government comes down to 4 h! This is due to the fact that the case is in bluetooth, has a speaker, not a microphone, but 2, in order to isolate voice from ambient noise (noise cancellation), which consumes a lot!   Audio side, nothing to say, it is very good sound, but do not forget that depends on several factors: the bluetooth and the headphones are also involved. At the level of the calls, according to tests, it happens well to isolate the voice of ambient sounds without worries.   Side screen, nothing to say, perfectly readable (except in full light, like virtually all screens). Shows the time and the level of the battery at rest. In activity, as when playing an audio track, indicates the name of the song. Also note that the screen is not on the surface, but under the exterior cladding. You see what is displayed with multiple perforations, allowing you to protect the screen of case-sensitive, claws and water!   Side clamp, it may deviate up to 1 cm. Note that it contains 3 "teeth" and therefore the gap is easily reduced by half! These teeth are welcome because they allow to secure the tie. Although plastic, it gives confidence, and with the spring design gives me confidence and so far, I'm not afraid that the clamp or the spring will let go me. clamp-sony-sbh54 Headphones, one supplied is the Sony MH755. Very pleasant to wear, light and giving clear sound, this one is for my taste too short, in addition to having no microphone! The measured cable length is 1, 18 m, gold for someone of my size (1 m 75 and dusts), if I put the SHB54 belt, headphones pose me no problem in sitting, but while standing, I can put that right headphone (the left being shortened about 18 cm).   The combined mini can be used alone as for example the radio (which is important from my point of view, because with the bluetooth helmets, it is impossible to have the FM radio!) With this SBH54, it is now possible in a way to have a headset in bluetooth with the radio.) or couple to a smartphone. With a smartphone, you have an application (which is simply the name of the model, i.e. SBH54) for Android and iOS. It allows you to configure your device: update the firmware (happens automatically), be warned if you lose the connection between the 2 devices, privacy at the level of the screen of the SBH54, disable/enable of vibrations, toggling the display of the call with a single button log, etc… Also, note that if you add the Smart Sony Connect application, you will still be a leap forward: it allows among others to schedule events according to other event, read your sms, etc…! For example, I have set so that as soon as my smartphone detects that my SBH54 is turned on, it automatically start my music player, it activates the reading of SMS if I get, and as soon as my SBH54 is off (or out of range), stop playback of music! Great, right? Good on the other hand, is not the best either, huh, for example, I can't tell him when my SBH54 is disconnect to close my music player, I can only tell him to stop reading the music. But it must be understood that there is reasons of security behind. Smart Connect is fairly limited in action, but it is already not bad from my point of view.  


A useful accessory that has several functions and who does very well: bluetooth earphones, combined phone, FM radio, notifier, and SMS drive. It is both discreet, elegant and solid. I have very few things to blame him: its autonomy is not perfect, but all in all, it remains acceptable. The supplied headphones have a too short cable for me and are not micro. The NFC chip is located on the clamp, which is a shame, because if one wants to use it, one is forced to put the SBH54 upside, we cache so the screen. And to the limit, its price, but since it is one of the latest models come out and seen the technology included, this can be understood.   Link for the black version: http://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B0154G9CYY/ link for the Gold version: http://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B0154G9TII/ test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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