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What better way to motivate everyone at a party with friends than to offer karaoke? Okay ok the shy and the neighbors will make you somuch, but it's so funny to be able to mock (or admire, it happens :D) In short for this, you have to be equipped, and […]

Test / reviews: microphone and Bluetooth Mayhem Karaoke speaker

If during the summer you want to do some aerial plans/pictures in low altitude but do not want to buy a drone or carry it, this little gadget for camera action can be a good alternative. It's the Flight Birdie for GoPro. Content of the box and technical characteristics In […]

Test / reviews: Birdie Flight for GoPro in-flight capture system

The net is full of pitfalls: wherever we go, we might quickly end up with malware on their computer or a bit less annoying but still, pop-up ads, new browser search bars, new homepage in your browser, etc… Even more, if we live dangerously: download cracks, keygen,… (which although they […]

How to find the real official site to download a ...