Test / reviews: microphone and Bluetooth Mayhem Karaoke speaker


What better way to motivate everyone at a party with friends than to offer karaoke? Okay ok the shy and the neighbors will make you somuch, but it’s so funny to be able to mock (or admire, it happens :D)

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In short for this, you have to be equipped, and the micro/pregnant Mayhem is perfect for this, it can either:

  • be used to listen to music and sing from above at the same time, via Bluetooth, on all sorts of applications dedicated to karaoke or even just on YouTube videos
  • singing with the microphone (acapella, not even scared!)
  • simply be used to listen to music (the timid talked!: p)

It happens in a nice oval box, that’s immediately more classy if you want to offer it.

20170502 211433
20170502 211446

Its features are:

  • Speaker 3W (powerful enough I have to say, the sound is fine, you do keep it when you sing!)
  • Connection via bluetooth or via the 3.5 mm jack port, if ever you want to connect to a device without the handy Bluetooth
  • 1 000 mAh rechargeable battery, 5 hours of talk time (in case you have a lot of reminders for your concert ^^), which recharges completely in 2-3 hours.
  • dimensions 210 * 72 * 32mm
20170502 211721

For what is the microphone itself, three buttons:

  •  One for the volume
  •  One to activate the echo or not as a concert (this function is nice vaaaachement: D, we believe xD)
  •  One to turn the microphone, and also serves to turn on Bluetooth, Bluetooth which is very easy to pair

And finally, on the back side it has a mic USB to charge, just as an input jack 3, 5mm, that we were talking about to connect without Bluetooth to another device ^^


Gadget that allows to spend good evenings, whether you have singing talents or not, the sound is correct, the amplification is good, the echo adds a little extra, and it is bling-bling in gold, what more to ask for a star for the time of a song? :D


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