Test / reviews: Birdie Flight for GoPro in-flight capture system


If during the summer you want to do some aerial plans/pictures in low altitude but do not want to buy a drone or carry it, this little gadget for camera action can be a good alternative. It's the Flight Birdie for GoPro.

Content of the box and technical characteristics

Birdie 03
  • In the box there is all that it takes to get this small parachute.
  • Size: 34 x 30 x 25 cm
  • weight: 100g
  • bag fabric

The test

Already the editing of the object itself: it is not very complicated, just follow the instructions. It is mounted in less than 5 minutes the first time. To this point, it's easy. Once mounted, it recalls the shape of a wheel of badminton with his base and arms 6. To use, simply place the camera in the location below for this purpose.

Birdie 04

Then he must put the camera on the way, throwing several put altitude or make the passes with friends, and catch him, then voila. For the use of the product, it's simple and fun. The fact that it is ultra lightweight and portable is a big plus for the holidays. He does not do the same things with a drone, but there is more convenient to carry and use.

Birdie 05

For the survival of the camera in a bad fall, there are several protections. First of all, it has a shell similar to the hull of a gopro in which is placed the camera on the inside, there is also the foam to cushion the shocks, which are sometimes violent, especially if you do it on a tarred surface and that it does not catch.

Birdie 06
Birdie 08

For water, the beach or even a lawn, the fall is much less violent. And finally the camera falling less quickly than if she was alone. Be careful though, it is not a parachute, and it still has a not insignificant speed, but lower than free fall!

As a video example, here is the video promoting this product which is rather realistic compared to my personal tests:



A good way to take aerial pictures without using a drone. It can be used on land or on the water in a very versatile way. It is very light and compact, you can take it anywhere easily and it's also easy to use. For me it's a good alternative for some fun holiday photos with friends or other without investing in a drone or other flying device.


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