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After hearing everybody ask me what it's like phone I have with my big shell, I thought "okay, the protection is well but a smartphone stylish it is nice too". So I wanted to try to replace my hull, hull Presidio Grip from Speck. Why this one? First, because I […]

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Following the passage of my smartphone mode charging wireless, I "lost" my micro-usb port… For the transfer of the files, it so spent under the nose! Because it is not practical to always remove the Wireless charging adapter. That left wireless transfer: bluetooth or wifi… I first use the bluetooth: […]

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Always the same questions when choosing a case for his smartphone: aesthetics versus protection, thin but not too much in case of fall, etc… I found this shell allowed to combine all: I think she gives a good look on the phone, a little a leather look, while protecting well […]

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On Windows, it is relatively easy to format (erase all data) a hard drive, USB key, or a (micro) SD card: simply open Windows Explorer, right click on the drive to format, and click format. And the turn is played after a few minutes. Whether you are looking for a […]

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