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Always the same questions when choosing a case for his smartphone: aesthetics versus protection, thin but not too much in case of fall, etc…

I found this shell allowed to combine all: I think she gives a good look on the phone, a little a leather look, while protecting well (it is consistent with military standards in terms of fall [MIL STD 810 G 516.6]).

Package Contents:

  • Beh… the hull? :D
IMG 1727

It has a peculiar appearance as I said, giving an effect leather with its honeycomb cells. The grip is comfortable and does not slip (“Frogskin” technology for this shell, which also repels raindrops), and all corners and edges of screen are well protected;

IMG 1737

buttons also while remaining accessible without any difficulty.

IMG 1739
IMG 1743

To meet the military standards mentioned above, it suffered several falls 120cm high without any damage to the phone (Well, I love you dear readers, but I must admit that I did not voluntarily launch my iPhone for try it, but as soon as it falls, what will happen to the next alarm clock that rings, I add the promised result xD)

The flap does not interfere at all when used, and its rigidity protects the screen well in a bag to avoid any hit by keys or other things that would hang around.

We can usually slide a bank card into the inside flap, in practice… I managed to put two (I couldn’t pick then huh… ^ ^).

IMG 1732
IMG 1741

My opinion: much more just that one basic shell I had before that was slippery and (too) fine, the UAG hull here really gives a feeling of protection, we don’t have the impression that you might drop his phone when we’re trying to take a p hoto or other so it fits nicely in the hand, and the hull is super easy to put on the phone, unlike a lot of covers with which one must fight a few minutes to succeed to (or remove them). I highly recommend so!


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