Test / reviews: iPhone case 7 more Speck Presidio Grip black


After hearing everybody ask me what it’s like phone I have with my big shell, I thought “okay, the protection is well but a smartphone stylish it is nice too”. So I wanted to try to replace my hull, hull Presidio Grip from Speck.

IMG 2674 e1522494797900

Why this one?

First, because I really liked the design, with two subjects that go well together and who have undergone treatment to protect them from fading and so to extend their longevity. This shell is composed of two parts, the outer part made to resist scratches, and the inner part, in “Impactium” (Impactium, Adamantium, ahem, nothing that the name’s super resistant xD), material with superior resistance to shock and to the scratches.

IMG 2670 e1522492614790
IMG 2680 e1522493259349

Speaking of shock, this hull is supposed to protect obviously claws and others, but also bear a fall up to 3 meters (according to military fall protection standard).

The edges of the screen are pretty well protected by the raised edges, and the cladding gives a very good grip.

The buttons are protected, and very easy to use without any resistance, the ports of entries are not however.

IMG 2685 e1522492693703
IMG 2683

The design that offers good protection, in addition the fact that she is really fine for a shell of protection, we don’t have the impression to have one, just a simple shell as sensation in hands.

In addition, she is super easy to install on the smartphone.

My conclusion: well… as described here, I find it great pretty, she is very very good in hands, and the fact that we should not fight with several different parts of hull to put it on on the phone is a plus (I still cuts of war on the fingers due to some) ES xD). What I like least is actually the reason why I chose it… the fact that she is so fine! I’m so used to the thickness of the other now I feel I want to break my phone if it falls, while I’m sure that’s not… but we’re paranoid or not…

In short, if you are less fearful than me, not used to a big thick and you want a beautiful shell of protection that keeps well in hand, feel free :-D me I will insist a little history to get used…


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