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The debrides are more and more known since the death of MegaUpload, but at the same time, these are less and less good … If you have landed here, you must probably know what an indebrider is. But if not, here's my explanation.

A debrideur or debrideur is, as the name suggests, a site that allows you to debrief a hosting (download) or streaming service that has been intentionally restricted (speed and/or number of parallel downloads, limited duration of viewing ) so that they can earn money by creating so-called "Premium" accounts, allowing people who buy those accounts to download unlimitedly, without any speed limits or the number of downloads in parallel or on the duration!!!

There are a multitude of these services on the net to debrief, but few are of quality … in any case, among the free! Yes, because there are also paid ones, which are usually cheaper than official Premium accounts and unbridled several different hosts also, but alas, they are not 100% reliable… they can close their site overnight and therefore leave with the cash register or be as saturated as a free debrider, not offer any debridement (simple redirection to the official download site) or redirect you to the ad, then not Give you the unbridled link!

For now, among the free debrides that I tested, there are only a few that I find "potable" (i.e. that delineate at high speed, usually, it's correct speeds without being exceptional but that are in any case higher than direct links). They are not ranked in order of preference, nor are they any other order.

Update of 16/05: Big update and restructuring.

Free download debrides

  • Megadebrideur: Uploaded.To, FileFactory, Uploading, UpToBox and UploadHero.
  • Only-Mu: 4shared and Extabit. (Requires registration)
  • Mega-Debrid: UptoBox, KickLoad, Videobb, Videozer and MixtureCloud. (Requires registration and quota but with loyalty point system)
  • Generator Link Premium: Rapidshare, Filefactory, Uploading, VideoBB, Megashares, Filepost, Bitshare, Extabit, Rapidgator, Depositfiles, Crocko
  • The list is long and differs depending on whether you have an account or not. So I advise you to go directly to their site to see the debris they carry out.
  • Majax31 Debrides: Bitshare, Freakshare, Turbobit and UptoBox (Requires a code that changes every day and debrides also vary)

Free streaming debrides

  • Cacaoweb: Videozer, MixVideo and Videobb. (Requires installation of a mini software to work)
  • Streaming Debrideur: MixVideo, Purevid and UploadHero.
  • Stream-Happy: Videoweed, PutLocker, Purevid, Videobb, VideoZer and MixtureVideo.
  • Enstreaming: MixtureVideo and PureVid.
  • Puredebrid: PureVid and MixtureCloud
  • Mondebrider: PureVid, MixtureVideo and PutLocker
  • Mediadebrid: Mixvideo, Purevid and Putlocker
  • Skiplimits: Mixturecloud, Purevid, Novamov, UploadHero, Putlocker, Sockchare, Veetle, Mediafire, Videobb, Veoh, Modovideo, Ovfile, Movshare, Soundcloud, Vidxden, Rapidtube, Videoweed, Userporn, Youporn, Youtube, Redtube, Vidbux, Bayfiles and Dailymotion
  • Dpdebrid: Purevid without java and Mixturevideo
  • Trololo-debrideur: Mixvideo without java
  • Wafilmz: Purevid and Mixture
  • Styleornot: Mixture, Purevid, Uploadhero and Putlocker
  • Speedebrid: Mixture and Purevid
  • Debrideurstream: Mixture and Purevid
  • Cinemafr: Purevid without java, Mixture and Putlocker

N.B.: Skiplimits contains a java-free debrider for Purevid, so it can be used on Mac, Android, iOS, etc. In short, when your device has no java, especially on mobiles and tablets, it's especially useful!

N.B.2: Sometimes Generator Link Premium gives an error that says the file is too big of xx MB, in which case you just click "Retry" until the "Download" button appears. Tested with Rapidgator and with small files. (Unknown limit and untested trick with other services)

The debrides preceded by are my favorites: they have in common an excellent speed, are easy to use, blockable pubs without too many problems and limitation withdrawal service often available. However, I want to make it clear that these are my favorites when updating the article because the debrides evolve very quickly, and not always in good …

Of course, I will continue to make updates and will tell you more debrides as soon as I find good ones! ;-)

(The original article has already been updated hundreds of times since April 2010 and will be again!)

How debriefs work in general:

First you need the link to the file you want to download. This link usually contains the name of the hosting platform (such as purevid, mixture, depositfiles, etc.) followed either by the name of the file itself or by an identifier that represents the file composed of a series of letters and numbers. Copy the address of the link, and paste it into the box provided for this purpose on the site of the debrider.

Once done, you will either have a new link, so click on it and save your file to your computer, or you'll have the video that will show up for the streaming debrides. For streaming delimiters, it will usually take the Java plugin for this to work. Now, some debriefs allow you to debrief without java, allowing you to view a video on your smartphone or tablets without worry!

N.B: I am often asked why when a debrider for a platform like Purevid, Mixturevideo, Depositfiles, etc… is out of service, why do other debriefer sites also have their service for Purevid or MixtureCloud that don't work either?!

The reason is simple: platforms like Purevid and Mixture base their economic system on their "premium" accounts, which are paid for. But what you need to know is that the debrideurs all use premium accounts! So when the company of Purevideo or Mixcloud decides to ban accounts, they do it in bulk, and all the debrideers end up with their system of release in the same way!

How do companies know that these are accounts used by the debriders ' sites? I do not know all the details regarding the operation of the debriders, but I think it is not difficult to find: all the debriders use the same kind of system (for example, those concerning the streaming use all the Java plugin and those of downloads should use proxies) and all have at least several thousand visitors per day… so only one account has to be used by multiple people at the same time… Would a normal person look at 1000 videos at the same time? The answer is of course no! ;-)

And the sites of the debriders can not too limit the number of videos simultaneously watched or limit the number of download in parallel, nor buy new accounts at the risk of making them too quickly banish… because otherwise it's their own business that dies…

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