How to automatically pass pubs Adfly – Awsclic – Linkbucks and Feedsportal


On the side of the pubs, I find that there are 2 types of pubs that are particularly invasive and annoying:

  1. The pop-up/pop-unders
  2. And the entire pubs pages that appear after you click on a link


For pop-ups and pop-unders, I already described to you several methods to protect pubs in all kind, these are included!

On the pages of pubs of the genus, Awsclic, Linkbucks, and Feedsportal, I in had not yet spoken, but here I correct my mistake!

FYI, I spoke in this case whole pubs pages that appear as soon as you click on a link, and where it is necessary either to wait for xx seconds or click on new button/link before you can see the page that you really wanted to see!


Here's how y remedy: (need Firefox)

  • Install the Greasemonkey plugin if it is not yet done. If it is already done, go direct to the point 3
  • Restart Firefox so it can install Greasemonkey
  • Click on the links to get the scripts: killer, Skip Linkbucks family, Awsclic autoclic
  • At the confirmation window that appears for each, click on "Install"
  • Go to the page of the Feedsportal Ads-Skipper script to automatically switch the pages of Feedsportal, click on "Install" located at the top right
  • At the confirmation window that appears, click "Install" again

And voila, you no longer have to deal with the pages of pubs, Awsclic, Linkbucks, Feedsportal and company!


Small note: there is a script of another writer who took over the same functions in one script, but in my tests, it wasn't: AdsFight! but as it is frequently set to update, perhaps miswired…


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