How to make invisible its files on windows?

On Windows, hide a folder or a file, it's easy, just do a right click on the files or folders that you want to hide, click on "Properties" and check the "hidden"!

But if you want to hide something in this manner to a person who is y knows a minimum in computing, this method isn't really effective!

Why? Because he or she surely knows that to see the hidden files and folders, just go in Windows Explorer => Tools => folder => display tab Options => and just it click on "display hidden folders and files"!

So what to do? From here, you have several ways:

  • The encryption of the file or folder: impossible person to know what it contains without the password, but the file or folder is Deletable…
  • Shorthand: is to hide a file in another… not ideal if there are many files to hide, disposable file and especially you can quickly forgot that this or that file contains another file!
  • Creating a partition encrypted: ideal for a large amount of data, but if it is already present on your computer, temporarily need you to double this amount in free space and you will take time to encrypt everything!
  • Or so, there's my way :-)

What is my way?

My method is to just use a small program that will allow you to hide and make invisible effectively your files.


  • Program free, lightweight, fast and effective!
  • No changes of files and folders invisible records, nor their path!
  • Invisible files are shared on the P2P like Emule or µTorrent networks! (thanks to the previous point)
  • No need to choose an encryption or other options, just a password and know the path to your files to hide!
  • The files are actually invisible!
  • Uninstallation of the program requires the password
  • Requires little disk space, as well for the program (less than 2 MB) to hide your folders


  • In English (but there's not much has understand ^^)
  • Small screen at startup requesting a code obtained by donating (just click on Skip to turn it)
  • Files cannot be made invisible individually, they must be in a folder made invisible to them also

How does this work?

1. download the program Free Hide Folder:

2 install it.

3. after installed, launch it, it will ask you a password need to submit 2fois (don't forget it, otherwise you're wrong strikethrough! lol)


4. When you see this window, click on "Skip", as it is a free program, the author requests a donation so you no longer see this window on each launch.


5. to hide a folder, it's very simple: click on "Add" (1), select and "Ok", and voila your folder is automatically and completely invisible!


6. make it visible, just right click on the folder and then on 'Unhide' (this will make the folder visible as long as you have not delivered "Hide" status for this one. To make it permanently visible, you simply just click on 'Remove' instead of 'Unhide' and it will disappear from the list of the program!

It's as simple as that! :-)

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