How to compare and find the difference between 2 or more files

compare files You have 2 or more files that have all 2 the same name that are probably different versions, but the problem is that you know not what changes between different files? If you often write with your computer, or you often receive files, this had to happen to you at least once… Or when create you multiple files from your memory… Ah memories… Browse hundreds of lines to find the word that changes or the sentence that changes between the 2… Super…! What's more annoying than comparing 2 files between them and finding the differences?! Ditto to compare different files almost identical! What to do then? Use a file comparer! Here are 2 softwares whose use is ultra simple: You install it, you start it, you open your files to compare or the folders you want to find the small difference (different or missing files), and the software tells you the Differences!  

Compare files software


  • 1, that I prefer, is called Winmerge.

Open source software and free, in french, you can download on the official website of Winmerge. I pass the details of the installation, he moved like any other software, nothing to complicate it, nor anything again. At the level of use, it is not too complicated software: at startup, you have to click the icon representing the 2 files to select the files or folders to compare. WinMerge-folder   Then you give the paths for Winmerge to know or find the files/folders and the comparison is done in snapshot: AsWinMerge lorem ipsum you see, it highlights the line and the word that is different from one file to another. It is even able to get the difference between 2 sentences or paragraphs that have just been moved within the file!  

  • The 2nd is Notepad ++

This is not a file comparer itself because at the base, it is a source text/code editor. But it is so advanced that it can do several things with the addition of plugins. Downloadable free and in french on the official website of Notepad ++. When installing, make sure the plugin "Compare" which is normally proposed by default is well checked. Here, on the other hand, with Notepad + +, it is necessary to open the 2 files in Notepad + +, then click on "Add-ins", "compare" and "compare"Notepad ++ compares on the other hand, with Notepad + +, it gives less info: It gives the line that is different, but not thNotepad comparese words: and you, E Do you know others?

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