How to protect its USB key by vaccination

virus usb

It is well known, previously, it was floppy disks that were of computer infection vectors, nowadays, it is the USB!

Today, I speak so the method allowing you to vaccinate your USB key and thus prevent viruses, worms and other malware from infecting your USB key and your computers!


How does this work?

In fact, it's pretty simple, harmless files on your USB drive, these files are read-only, they block installation of malware!


How to vaccinate its USB key?

  • Go to the website of Panda Vaccine USB
  • Download the program (free but in English) and install (typical installation)
  • Insert your USB stick into his drive, launch the program and click on 'Vaccinate USB'


Note: This is not because your key is vaccinated there was more need antivirus! Vaccination protects against the most common infections, but an antivirus is always essential!

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