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During the latest Kim Dotcom, i.e., sharing site, aka Mega, I don’t not rushed to see how this would work, the news, rates, security, etc. because I knew it was going to be different from the former, fire MegaUpload.

Recently, I had to retrieve a file hosted by Mega, and I had the bad surprise to see that Mega did not work under my Firefox, or Opera and even less on Internet Explorer!

In Internet Explorer, it is understandable, but in Opera and Firefox, it is less!

Under Firefox, I like message: “Your browser does not allow data to be written. Please to make sure you use default browser settings.


And then, after clicking OK, a nice message telling me that my browser was not updated, that it was not supported by Mega and inviting me to download the Google Chrome browser.


Knowing full well that my Firefox was updated, I therefore seek to find that that was wrong, all the more as the latest news, Mega ran under Firefox, although with a few bugs and there is even an extension for Firefox. Extension which solved nothing and still only allowed me to interact with

After some searching, I ended up discovering why Mega did not work under Firefox.

If ever happen it the same, here is the solution:


  1. In the Firefox address bar, enter: about: config and press ENTER.
  2. The message warning about the preferences, click “I would be careful, promised!
  3. In the search bar, type:


The result area will change and will remain more than the corresponding line. Normally, if you are unable to access Mega, you should have this as a result: the value is set to false.


4.  If this is the case, make a double click on the line to set the value to True.

No need to restart firefox, refresh the tab where was Mega and voila!

I don’t know how the value is found to false in me, but normal value during a fresh installation of Firefox, the value is set to True by default.

And now, by simply setting the value to True, Mega me is completely accessible in Firefox and I can download without worry!

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