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In a world that becomes more and more wireless, there is a small group that resists always and still (the invaders) the advance that is the wireless! But more for a long time, indeed, more recharging of battery-operated Cordless is present. Novelty? No not at all! Small history lesson: in […]

Wireless charging

When it obtains a mouse, a question (almost always) comes: what mouse pad choose? And in this area, our dear vendors are a joy to we propose with great marketing, a wide choice of models. We, the customers, we are a little outdated, also I will introduce you to different […]

Mouse pads

With the advance of technology, we have more and more sophisticated equipment… Unfortunately, this causes several problems such as the programmed obsolescence or a certain fragility of components. Certainly, each unit is tested according to standards by highly qualified laboratories, but these are generally tests on wear and safety (fire […]

Hull Xperia Z1 Muvit plating Bimat 360

In the field of luxury mice for gamers, Madcatz offers us its line of R.A.T. mouse If models R.A.T. 3 and 5 are still affordable levels price the R.A.T 7, 9 and MMOs are rather expensive. Also the question that this raises is: does it worth worth investing for a […]

Review / Test: mouse R.A.T 7 Madcatz mmo