Hull Xperia Z1 Muvit plating Bimat 360


With the advance of technology, we have more and more sophisticated equipment…

Unfortunately, this causes several problems such as the programmed obsolescence or a certain fragility of components. Certainly, each unit is tested according to standards by highly qualified laboratories, but these are generally tests on wear and safety (fire including ==> cases of batteries exploding) and cannot therefore not provide for all types of accidents that can happen, the great falls down stairs for example, this is where our shell for Xperia Z1 to provide additional protection.

As I would like to have one for my Xperia! As you can see, due to shock, the screen is not in a good state, I was lucky the screen still works but who likes having a smartphone in this State?

Xperia screen break

Xperia broken screen


Only so can offer us this protective shell?

Hull Xperia Z1

Hull Xperia Z1 Muvit plating Bimat 360

Already the use of TPU, it s is a thermoplastic which has the following properties:

  • Resistance to abrasion (who spoke with scratches?)
  • Resistance to oils and greases, finished fingerprints!
  • Excellent mechanical properties, including elasticity which allows shocks removals


What more? In case you think that this is not enough, the presence of rubber wedges will add additional protection against shock, which is always appreciable!


If only it were the only criterion, then all buy bubble paper and wrap our phone inside! You have understood, it must be non-encombrante, practical and aesthetic, and on this last point, it is black and a sober design that appreciate!

Practical point of view, it has on all openings for all the features of the Xperia Z1 and what is clutter, finesse will make you forget that it exists!

Note the presence of a support for viewing, adding the little trick that makes this very functional hull and bringing a touch of comfort, so we would be wrong to deprive us!


In short, for any owner of a z1 Xperia:—noire.htm


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