Review / Test: mouse R.A.T 7 Madcatz mmo


In the field of luxury mice for gamers, Madcatz offers us its line of R.A.T. mouse If models R.A.T. 3 and 5 are still affordable levels price the R.A.T 7, 9 and MMOs are rather expensive. Also the question that this raises is: does it worth worth investing for a Madcatz?

We will respond by testing the R.A.T 7 mmo (100-120 Euro).

First of all the packaging… for all geek that we are, we like having things of quality in this area, here suffice to say that I am disappointed that offer Madcatz! While there is all that is necessary, the minimalist approach leave us an aftertaste as what they wanted to make savings at this level, for example finished the box apart for storage of parts, or even the more annoying, no storage for the weight case, parts of the mouse that could easily get lost! Everything is in a single and unique box that you receive when you purchase. That said, it is not so great, it can be stored easily and its shape can please even though I would have liked to have something more in the image of the mouse.

R.A.T 7 mmo packaging

R.A.T 7 MMO mouse


R.A.T 7 mmo parts

The different parts of the R.A.T. mouse 7 MMO


Let’s talk about this gamer mouse: at this level nothing to personally blame level excellent finishes, the choice of the colour orange offends any look I would say Batmobile (that of the Nolan Batman) and me well please.

R.A.T 7 mmo

One of the strong point of this range, it is the adaptability! Can change parts and adjust, but also, as said above, change the weight. This argument, in addition to the number of macro, for me was the cause of the purchase and there, nothing wrong, I am not disappointed! I have large hands, after a few tries, I have a comfortable mouse for me. For little hands (such as children) it is not at all appropriate, as it is more suited use so-called 3-finger (2 clicks + 1 wheel).

Level use now, it is a “plug and play”, but as all mice with macro, it necessary to install a program (and a driver more available on the site) to be able to totally enjoy, include negative point that our changes are not be stored in the mouse but in the computer, which makes that one can not have its macros directly on another pc , but we can have an (almost) unlimited number of profile accessible with a click, more Madcatz offers us on its website of profiles “ready to use” for not a lot of games!

R.A.T mmo 7 selection quick profiles

The quick selection of the profiles interface

Our macros precisely the number of 13, plus the ability to have 6 profiles, makes us therefore 78 possible programming! More than that we need generally, but is significant, they are easily accessible at the level of the thumb, which makes nice use. It should be noted that there is the “Action lock” function allowing to hold right or left clicks or block, useful when we don’t want us tired.

programming macro rat mmo 7

View of the editing program Madcatz

Another special feature is the presence of the button joystick combining 5 buttons 1, I was a little afraid of it and I say to have test with the Leagues Of Legend games, it is awesome even if a small time of adaptation is necessary.

R.A.T 7 mmo

Mice that expressed for MMORPGs, yes but not that for fps also saw that the precision button is also available, and I note no problems in current usage, which makes for me a very versatile tool, it is there really as its price I consider too expensive…

Note: 8/10

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