Mouse pads

When it obtains a mouse, a question (almost always) comes: what mouse pad choose?

And in this area, our dear vendors are a joy to we propose with great marketing, a wide choice of models.

Different carpet

Selection of different carpet

We, the customers, we are a little outdated, also I will introduce you to different carpet, so you can get a good idea of that which would suit you best.

We will begin with our work surface, yes your desktop, this object which you, certainly is not a carpet but in general it is the first area where we ask our mice, so it will serve as us a reference. This surface is smooth (even more if it is glass, but then the mouse with laser sensor will not work, while the optical mouse Yes) and not gene not the movement of the mouse. It will satisfy many people as long as it remains the office and buying a mouse pad is not provided in your budget.

Having regard to what I say, it's useless what to buy a carpet? The answer is simple: for the comfort of use (and for gamers, comfort = good performance) and it is on this point that will be the choice of the model.

I come to the carpet, this time, there are two types: the flexible and the rigid.


— The flexible: the cheapest, so the price does not exceed 25 Euro depending on the model. Available in several sizes, they will work for all kinds of uses.

The lambda brand low-end model, they are small sizes, and I do not advise because they tend to wear very quickly, especially on the edges, but ideal if you have a small work surface, they also have the advantage of being easily transportable (including models gamers). May have a wrist rest, but according to studies, it is not ideal for our joints.

wear pads

Rapid wear of the edges of the carpet

Models gamers, of various sizes (including the smallest), the quality of the product is to the extent of the use, the proposed surface varies depending on the desired effect, thus one can find models with a smooth surface rougher, etc… These surfaces allow to play more pleasantly according to what we want to get, but do not believe the day after that with it we will be pro.

Surface smooth or rough, what to choose?

  • Smooth: the mouse slides easily, but less so than on the bare table, which provides more control to our movements. Offers good value for speed / accuracy. Razer Goliathus speed edition is a good choice.
 Razer edge anti-wear

The Razer with edge wear

  • Rough: small resistance, for those who like to feel their mouse movement, ideal for office or graphics applications, offers the most control. Steelseries models are perfect for this use.

The Steelseries


— Rigid models: the more expensive, on average 40 Euros, the choice of size is limited: 25 cm * 35 cm on average. (There are rigid at 5 euros, but even the flexible bottom of range is better. )

At first glance, it's expensive and it does not want to buy, it's in part to the fact that they are more complicated to produce.

Their advantage comes because they all offer 2 surfaces in one, one side smooth and one rough side interchangeable, they also have over the soft carpet less friction, approaching more than a bare surface, which for some people is a real plus. On the other hand, transport is not simple.

Also, they have properties that each company puts forward, for example surface that reflects better the the mouse's laser beam, etc… Interesting but not of great interest because the difference is so minimal that it is not detectable, except by computer software that tells us (or a super pro – player).

Me personally, after testing other models, I chose a rigid, first the Razer Vespula then Func 1030 XL. I do not recommend this Razer because the form is not practical and gums that prevent carpet block the movement of the mouse to move and also, we see that it is a single moulded piece, which is a little cheap.

Razer Vespula

Razer Vespula problem areas

The Func carpet very well deserves its reputation and I recommend it if you want to buy a rigid, however, take the XL version which is my ideal.

Func 1030 XL


After this brief introduction, I hope have helped you for your future choice, of course the aesthetics of the carpet account and our expensive commercial (yet) have thought of everything to offer editions limited to our favorite colors…

On this, good choice. ;-)

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