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When one team is in photo gear there a camera bag to carry and protect all this expensive equipment. That's why I tested the KF13-037 of K & F concept backpack.   Content of the box and technical characteristics 1 x bag backpack photo KF13-037 Material: 840 d Nylon waterproof […]

Test / review: backpack photo K & F Concept KF13-037

More and more common, especially with compatible smartphones, smartphone virtual reality helmets are more on the market. It is helmet very cheap to put your compatible smartphone inside and thus reproduce the effects that can have with native but very expensive virtual reality helmets at the present time. I tested […]

Test / review: reality Aukey VR – 02 Mini Headset ...

With our smartphones, tablets and other electronic gadgets that require still more energy, the question of autonomy arises, especially when we're going on a trip, camping and access to a plug is not always guaranteed. In this case, an external backup battery can be very useful. And for an extended […]

Test / review: battery laptop 30000mAh PB – No. 39 ...

Smartphones are an increasingly important part of the mobile phone market. They are small and very efficient and you can find them at all prices. In my opinion they have two weaknesses, battery and fragility. Especially because of their screen that covers the whole phone. We all know someone around […]

Review/ Review: Flip Wallet Cover Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 – ...

With our computer, for most uses, we only need a mouse or a trackpad. However, in some cases, the mouse is not very practical to use. For example to draw, on drawing software such as Photoshop or Gimp, or for processing photos under Lightroom or DxO. In these cases, if […]

Test / Review: Huion WH1409 Wireless Graphic Tablet

Photographers amateur or professional, flash cobra is an indispensable tool for flash photography! Indeed the result of photo has nothing to do with the photos made to the flash built into your camera. It helps to have a more diffuse, more natural light and with a higher power. Offspring the […]

Test / reviews: Aperlite Kit of Flash PRO YH-500N

If you are students or employees and you have to make PowerPoint presentations for a review or a meeting, why, nothing like a remote control with a laser pointer for a smooth presentation. I will introduce a remote wireless and WP1001 from Inateck laser pointer.   Content of the box […]

Test / notice: remote control wireless and WP1001 from Inateck ...

It's probably already happened to each of you to want to leave, and there at the last moment, not to find his car keys, his wallet or any other small object that can easily go astray at home. Sometimes it even puts us behind schedule. It is to remedy this […]

Review: TrackR Bravo

  Contenu de la boite et caractéristiques techniques   1x 16W double USB chargeur solaire 1x Câble microUSB 1x Manuel d'utilisation (Anglais) 3x Mousquetons Puissance: 16W Sortie USB: 5V / 2400 mA (max) Taux solaire de conversion d'énergie:> 17% Taille déroulé: 820 * 230 * 3 mm / 32,3 * […]

Test / Avis: chargeur solaire 16W Intocircuit

Virtual reality helmets are currently growing but relatively expensive in general. An alternative exists, use your Smartphone (if compatible) as screen and place it in glasses in cardboard or plastic which are already more accessible financially. I had the chance to test a HTC Viva, but with its almost 1000 […]

Test / reviews: helmet reality virtual immersed

  Contenu de la boite et caractéristiques techniques   1x Transmetteur/récepteur Bluetooth 1x Câble jack audio 3.5mm 1x Câble USB de recharge 1x Manuel d'utilisation (Anglais, Allemand et Japonais) – Portée : 10m – Temps de charge 2H – Autonomie : 6 à 8 H – Taille : 51 x […]

Test / Avis: Transmetteur et Récepteur Bluetooth Inateck BR1002

  Contenu de la boite et caractéristiques techniques 1x Enceinte Bluetooth portable 1x Câble USB 1x Audio câble 3.5mm 1x Sacoche de protection 1x Manuel d'utilisation (Anglais, Allemand) – Mode de connexion sans fil: Bluetooth 4.0 – Portée du signal: jusqu'à 10m (dépend des circonstances d'utilisation) – Batterie:Li-Ion 2000 mAh […]

Test / Avis: Enceinte BTSP-10 Plus Inateck