Test / review: backpack photo K & F Concept KF13-037


When one team is in photo gear there a camera bag to carry and protect all this expensive equipment. That’s why I tested the KF13-037 of K & F concept backpack.  

Content of the box and technical characteristics

1 x bag backpack photo KF13-037 bag-a-back-kf13-11

  • Material: 840 d Nylon waterproof
  • Color: Black and Orange
  • Inner dimension: 41x27x13.5cm
  • External dimension: 44x28x14cm
  • Weight: 1.12 kg


The test

The backpack looks rather robust, it is waterproof to protect your equipment. It is very convenient to go on the field or to travel with his camera gear. bag-a-back-kf13-01 The Interior is completely manageable with a system of straps to adapt to best meet his needs, whether a big telephoto lenses or the objectives of standard size, flashes, etc… Removable walls are padded and rigid to protect. There are two main walls more solid and rigid and 8 small partitions to compartmentalize. In the front pocket, there is space for a tablet or portable 15 inches or less. bag-a-back-kf13-14 On the side of the bag, one small pocket keeps the foot of a tripod up to 55cm, with a thong that’s keeping him. Convenient to go on a hike, for example. bag-a-back-kf13-13 Two zip zippers have a hole which allows to tie them together with a lock, an anti-theft system for not you open your bag when you have it on the back. A padlock, the hole is small, a little less than 5 mm. For long walks, there is a chest strap that allows better distribution of weight and have more comfort during travel or the markets.  


A good quality bag that will well protect your hardware, it is large, has large pockets, and inside customizable to fit your equipment best. Only drawback, there is no quick access hatch, but is not necessarily a defect following what seek you. In short, he is strong, rigid and resistant to water, everything that it takes to have peace of mind on the field.   Link: https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B01E3HA07S/ test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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