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  Contenu de la boite et caractéristiques techniques   1 x Aukey SK-M4 Bluetooth Enceinte 1 x USB Câble de recharge 1 x Câble Audio de 3.5mm 1 x Mousqueton/dragonne 1 x Mode d'emploi – Taille : 11 x 9.5 x 5.5cm – Poids : 187g – Version Bluetooth : […]

Test / Avis: AUKEY Enceinte Bluetooth étanche SK-M4

  Ses caractéristiques techniques  Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 Dimension: 124x68x62 mm Poids net: 96 g Poids brut: 120 g (avec deux piles AAA) Capteur: LED La distance de fonctionnement sans fil: 10 m La technologie sans fil: 2,4 GHz, avec récepteur Nano USB2.0 DPI: 800/1200/1600 dpi Nombre de […]

Test / Avis : Souris ergonomique verticale Perixx PERIMICE-608

  Le contenu de la boite   1 x Écouteurs Bluetooth V4.1 Syncwire 1 x Câble USB/microUSB de charge (15cm) 4 x Embouts d'oreille en silicone (2 paires en plus de celles sur les écouteurs) 4 x Crochets d'oreille (2 paires en plus de ceux sur les écouteurs) 1 x […]

Review / Test : Ecouteur Bluetooth Sport sans fil de ...

Nowadays, almost everyone has a phone. Him, there is no problem, it is all the time in the pocket or handbag. But when it comes to having the right time one of the many accessories to charge the phone when it is needed with the objects that surround us, it […]

Test / Review: Pack ultimate Micro-USB Chargers

Cables to recharge or synchronize phones, what a hassle when you let them hang out. They often get tangled up. Also, in dark conditions, it is often more difficult to plug it in for the charge (for example in the evening next to the bed). To answer these different problems, […]

Test / Review: Cable Lightning – USB Micro with LED ...

We are increasingly using our phones as real mini laptops, both to go on the internet, to watch a video, to listen to music, sometimes even download torrents. Only one of the main limitations is the connection. Whether it's transferring data or watching a movie on another screen, the microUSB […]

Test / Reviews: Samsung Galaxy Device Connection Kit, Kit with ...

Introduction THE RAID is often heard of, but what is it really? It is the acronym for "Redundant Array of Independent Disks" or "Redundant Ensemble of Independent Discs" in French. Or in more common language it's a method to group several hard drives together to improve performance, both in size […]

Secure your data with a RAID or JBOD system

We all have, more and more USB devices, whether it's external hard drives, the USB keys, the mouse/keyboard, webcam, see even to charge another device. On a fixed PC you have often not bad USB port but for a laptop it is a different story, in the best of cases […]

Test / Review: Super Speed Aluminium 10 ports USB 3.0 ...

Time-lapse is a video effect interesting to observe slow phenomena or not in an accelerated manner. Whether the blooming of a flower or the moving clouds in the sky. There is an effect of time compression. To do this simply a camera that has built-in Time Lapse or a camera […]

Test / Review: motorized panoramic head Sevenoak SK-EBH01

Whether for preventive purpose with the arrival of winter, or just for the sake be and relaxation, essential oils are more and more present. There are several ways to enjoy their benefits, or directly on a tissue to for example help falling asleep or on the skin under the nose […]

Test / Review: Aglaia essential oil diffuser

Unless you live in a cave, you probably didn't miss the next release of Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens! Only the Star Wars universe, these are movies… but also many other things. For almost 40 years now, derivatives, books, toys, video games, cartoons, collectibles and the variety of everyday […]

Test / Reviews: Star Wars Yoda USB Key – 8GB

While with the technological advances, there is less less wires and more and more connected objects, Bluetooth the headset itself are democratized. We will test 2 headphones Bluetooth of the HUHD brand. It's the model HB – 328 L and HB – 328M. Both helmets very similar from a point […]

Review / Test: headphones Bluetooth audio, HUHD