Test / notice: remote control wireless and WP1001 from Inateck laser pointer

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 If you are students or employees and you have to make PowerPoint presentations for a review or a meeting, why, nothing like a remote control with a laser pointer for a smooth presentation. I will introduce a remote wireless and WP1001 from Inateck laser pointer.  

Content of the box and technical characteristics


  • 1 X remote control wireless and laser pointer
  • 1 X carrying bag
  • 1 X manual (English)

51A5WPBQ6DL._SL1000_ -Frequency 2, 4 GHz – range 20 m – power 2 X AAA – size 129 x 39 x 29mm – weight 79 g – Laser class 2 (power < 1mW)-wavelength 650nm +-5nm (red)  

The test

  The WP1001 laser pointer comes in a small cardboard box. The transport on the remote control bag is pleasant to the touch, helps protect the remote control from the scratches, but not large shocks. The grip is natural, the ergonomics are well thought-out, fingers come of them even on the buttons. The plastic is pleasant to the touch and looks solid. On the side left, there is a slider button ON / OFF. The remote control has a small LCD retro informed that allows to have an indication of time during the presentation. It is a system of Countdown, it is set in hours and minutes. When the weather drops to 5 minutes, 1 minute then zero the remote control starts to vibrate to warn the speaker. 61xZx0Mr3SL._SL1000_ The laser soon be activated via 2 different buttons. One at the back as a trigger to the level of the position of the index and a button on the front with a laser top symbol. About other useful commands buttons in a PowerPoint, ago previous and next. Put the slide show mode full-screen mode full screen. If the presentation has sound effects, the remote control also has a button on the right side to increase and decrease the sound. This pointer is easy to use, it is Plug and Play, just connect the receiver (which is stored in the remote control) to a USB port on the computer and it works without need to install any driver, which makes it easy to swap between multiple computers at a meeting. 61Cp4lEeZEL._SL1000_ The red laser is sufficiently powerful to see presentations by projector.  


  This laser pointer does the job and does it well. It is simple and pleasant to use, good ergonomics. It has a good quality/price ratio. It allows also facilitated the management of his time and effectively. The trigger for the laser button is well positioned, and requires no effort to hold on.   The product link: https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B00LBUU26K/ test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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