Contest: Divoom Aurabox, pregnant customizable Bluetooth

Contests-gifts-games-pandoon Generally, the audio speakers are relatively simple: simple cubes or bars giving just the sounds. Sometimes, this dance to the sound of your song. Apart from these, there are much… except maybe one: Divoom Aurabox! divoom juried auraboxHis difference with others? It integrates a face filled with bright LEDs, allowing you to customize the display, but not only! Just a tour of the features for good understanding (virtually unlimited) opportunities that can give this excellent audio speaker!  

 Divoom Aurabox characteristics


  • High-quality, 5Watts audio speaker
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 3 inch screen, consisting of 100 LEDs!
  • Notifications of other social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc…)
  • Numerous animations provided by defects
  • Schema/paterns/images/animations customizable wish!
  • Application Android or iOS
  • Included thermometer with temperature display
  • Possible time display
  • Alarm mode
  • Built-in microphone
  • Audio 3.5 mm jack
  • Battery built-in

Facebook-divoom-aurabox time-divoom-aurabox love-divoom-aurabox     And besides, the app on Android is very well done and very pretty! In short, you guessed, it is far from being a simple speaker! Not only, it's a speaker, but he is also a clock, thermometer, pregnant atmosphere, notifier, lighting, hands-free kit, not to mention that you can customize your animations as you want, simply thanks to the application! (Maximum 8 entertainment steps)   It's already great, but the best, I still think that it is that we offer you the possibility to win this Divoom Aurabox! The product link:  

The contest

  To participate, it's relatively easy! Simply visit the Mobilefun and tell us in the comments on this article:

What (s) is / are the reference (s) or product (s) that you like / enjoy on Mobilefun?

And who knows? Maybe in our next competition, it can be this or these references that will be brought into play. So feel free to go around! ;-)   Contest for European residents. Only one entry per email address. (If multiple comments by email address, only the first valid will be recorded) Competition no purchase necessary. Contest 15-10-10 01/12/2015 midnight. Draw in the days following the end of the contest and the winner will be notified directly by mail of his chance of winning the lot. The winner will have 14 days to respond, failing which, a new draw will be carried out.   Good luck!

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